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  About E-mag
About Us

Kapp Soft is a global software developing company burgeoning ahead with its strong software capabilities. Kapp Soft entered into the world of media through Kapp Media and its development graph is already showing an impressive rising curve which indicates rapid progress. The team at Kapp Media offers comprehensive services in web design and web development for clients operating worldwide. The company is creative, innovative, and efficient in providing the best service possible and aims to reach the crest with full commitment towards work...

Kapp Media renders a unique technology (digitization) of presenting information on the Internet, in a simple format of the document, which you can read by "flipping through" with 3D turning page. Kapp Media provides magazines, brochures & books through a technology which couples the richness and strength of the Internet multimedia contents, interactivity, real-time contents customization, and tracking. Associating with this system you get an unimaginable amalgam of speed, professional design and invincible customer service. The basic advantage of such a system is that it frees the document from the constraints of traditional access methods.

Kapp Media enables publishers to offer extended reach and valuable new services to their advertisers. With support for a variety of media types, Kapp Media enhances advertisers' ability to communicate directly with their target audiences by enabling ads to "come alive" through Web hyperlinks and the integration of audio and video. The visual effects, not only enhances the cognition of the readers, it creates a deep impact an impact that a simple advertisement might create on being published at least 10 times something you cannot ignore even once with us.

Our motto is to absorb your publication with the latest technologies to convert into the digital format by providing an excellent and cost effective solution that will excel you in the online presence. We are striving to attain the best position as the excellent and trouble free means of reading.

  About E-mag
Our Goal

The magazines are created by expert network of designers and software professionals dedicated in producing quality software that is lucrative. We have a professional attitude while conveying our services to you. We are creative, innovative, and efficient in providing you with the best service possible. Kapp Soft Media aims to reach the crest with full commitment towards our work..

Kapp Soft Media is an up-scale, refined publication dedicated to all the reading lovers. We aim to reach millions of people through our easily readable online magazines and papers. We are striving to attain the best position as the excellent and trouble free means of reading. We rely on our readers to help us achieve this.

  About E-mag

Since digital magazines are growing in its popularity because of its increased use by millions of people, the way of reaching huge population is easily obtained. Advertising in online magazine, is becoming one of the most popular forms of online marketing and is the number one advertising choice of the online marketing experts because of their low cost, highly targeted medium. Main features of our publications are:

  • Real page turning experience as in a book
  • Efficient Animations
  • Easy alteration of page sizes for better viewing
  • Quick search through the pages
  • Easy subscription to any part of the world
  • No delay of any issue
  • Live Multi-media effects
  • Minimum production cost than print version
  • More powerful and more pervasive
  • Easy download and can be read from any where
  • Minimum storage place
  • Cost effective mode of advertisement
  • Highly Targeted Medium
  • Produce great results

  About E-mag

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