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The FAQ’s have been sorted out in the following categories


How do subscriptions work?

Once you have subscribed to the magazine, and you get a confirmation mail from our side, you can start downloading or accessing the magazine as and when the magazine is published.

Is the Kapp Media web site secure for all transactions?

When you enter your credit card information to make a purchase from the Kapp Media site, and hit the submit button, your credit card information is transmitted over a secured server. You can confirm that whether the transmission is secure by taking a look on the URL in your browser.

How do I know my order was processed successfully?

As soon as your order is successfully processed, a confirmation will be send to you through an email.

How do I change or cancel an order during checkout?

As long as your order has not been fully processed, you can always change it if you have not clicked on submit button. You can go back and change or add or remove items in your shopping cart. Once the shopping is complete, click on Submit to process your credit card transaction.

How can I cancel a magazine subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time after 6 months of your subscription and receive the refund of the remaining undelivered issues. You can contact our customer support team and request will be handled carefully.

Whom should I contact if I have queries regarding the print magazine subscription?

The digital magazines offered through Kapp Media are managed separately from your hard copy magazine subscription.
For any other issues related to your print subscription please contact the magazine publisher directly.

What type of payments do you accept?

Kapp Media accepts payments by credit card only.
The method of the payment can be:

      American Express
      Master Card

Why is my credit card not accepted?

Kapp Media accepts all the payments through valid American Express, Master Card or Visa.
    Please check whether :
        You entered the correct card number
        Card is not expired
        You have entered the correct mailing address

(The billing address you enter must match the address listed on your credit card amount) If then also your card is being rejected in error, contact customer support for further assistance.


How do I sign in?

For your safety and security you will be prompted to sign in to order a magazine. You can sign in at any time by clicking on Your Account on the home screen. Enter your Email Address and Password and click sign in. You can access your magazine on any computer by just entering your sign in information.

Why dint I get my new password?

After you click on “Forgot Password”, there can be a little delay in receiving your password in your email. This can also occur when our mail server receives lots of requests for passwords, or due to heavy traffic on the internet.
Please remember that you should not click the “Forgot Password” link more than once. You will receive your emailed password as soon as possible.

Can I read the magazine both at home & at work?

There is no problem having your magazines both at work and at home. You can download a magazine up to 3 times.

Do I have to be online to read my magazine?

No. once you have downloaded the magazine from the internet, then you don’t need internet to read your magazine. But some features for example, hyper linking to other Websites or buying more magazines will only work when you are online.

Where can I store my magazine files?

You can store your magazine either in MY DOCUMENTS or you can create your own folder to store the magazine.

What do I do if the text is too small?

The magazine comes in a full screen so that you can browse to the page you want. The content or page can be zoomed in for better readability. To zoom in and zoom out, you will have to click the zoom tab, provided to you on every page of the magazine.

How do I turn the pages of the magazine?

Grab the corner of the page and then drag the mouse or click on any corner of the page. Simultaneously, you can turn the pages using the right and left arrows on the navigation bar.

How do I play the video in the magazine?

Click on the flash button at the bottom of the picture to play it.

How do I play audio in the magazine?

Click on the flash button at the bottom of the picture to play it.

“The magazine can’t be saved to your hard drive when trying to download on hard drive” Why do I get this message when I try to download the publication?

Please check that your computer’s hard drive has at least 10-50 MB (depending on size of the magazine) of free space to download the publication.

How can I download a publication again?

You can download a publication second time if you have accidentally deleted it from your computer, or if you want to read it on a different computer. You have to follow these simple steps:
    Go to the Your Account page on Kapp
    Sign in by using your registered email address and password
    Choose the titles and issues you want, and then click “Download Now”

How do I delete a magazine?

You can very easily delete a magazine. Go to the folder in which you have stored your magazine. Drag the copy you want to delete to the recycle bin, or simply right click on the file and choose Delete. If you have accidentally deleted the magazine and wish to download it again, you can download it from

How to change my e mail address?

There best way to change your email address is to login to you’re my Your Account tab on

What do I do if links don’t work?

If you discover a broken link on our website or in any email correspondence, we would like to hear about it from you. Please feel free to contact customer support.