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DIGITALIZED BROCHURES - "Now e-mail brochures easily as and when required". Digitized brochures are delivered via e-mail and web-guarding the original brochure layout in a fast loading Flash or HTML format without the need to download and install proprietary software. You can even make alterations in digital brochure unlike printed brochures. Digital brochures save your budget & boost your business. We provide brochures for companies, corporate, universities, travel agencies, resorts etc.

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DIGITALIZED MAGAZINES - Magazine publishers can sell & electronically deliver cover-to-cover digital versions of print magazine. Digitized magazine gives a branded reading experience to wider installed base of laptop & desktop PC users and also tracks the number of magazines sold.

DIGITALIZED BOOKS - "Why carry a book everywhere when digitization is in". Digital versions of traditional books can be read on computers, even without internet. Digital books are simple and user friendly applications of digitization, to create & publish multimedia web books for education, small offices or personal use.

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