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Kapp Media presents a comprehensive collection of newspapers, magazines and journals. With capabilities in software development and graphics, we bring forth a world waiting to be explored – its unknown paths yet to be treaded, and its height yet to be surmounted. Our services open the gateways to uncountable experiences of the world around through our interactive e-mag, flash magazines, e-paper along with the print versions.

Our capabilities help to converge the world in a single console which enhances the readership for publishers, expands the horizon for the advertisers and brings umpteen facilities to the doorstep of the readers.

Among our publications we have listed the following:

vaayanaA magazine, available in print and online version, complete in all aspects- covering all affairs of society – films, politics, medical advancements, new infrastructure coming up, poetry, literature, shopping venues, culinary skills, social issues like education, present generation and so on. A complete experience to feel the pulse of the society around.

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oh yeahA magazine, both in print and online, covers all the trend-setting aspects of today’s lifestyle. A better deal for a fashion magazine and a better grab for leisure time reading. Health and fitness tips, beauty, cosmetics, dresses, accessories, home décor and anything that a woman would wish to know to keep pace with the latest products in the market.

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