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We were not there when Columbus discovered New World and Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize. But we can compensate for all that we failed to cover in world events!
We are here to bring you much more on the new ventures and pioneering thoughts of those who make a difference. An emerging world of new wisdom presents immense opportunities to explore and so we are here. Come, explore the world with us and redefine the horizon!
You are right if you thought we are the media people! This media enables us to bring you the happenings around the world, captured and presented in a platter. And it is a sheer spectacle of technology that brings us to you, paving new paths in innovative media.

Publication Formats
  We reach you with our publications in various hues.
Flash Mag    Flashpaper    epaper    E-Brochure   Kapp Media
Flash Mag    Flashpaper    epaper    E-Brochure   Kapp Media
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Digital Print
Increased information Size restricts information
Active Static
Required information can be found using keywords Have to read through the entire document to find out the information
Hassle free alteration Expensive reprinting
Occupies less space on hard drives Heavy and large
Cheaper to mail Expensive to mail

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